All-inclusive resorts.

I have always said an all-inclusive resort is very destressing!  One of the first resorts was Club Med, known for it’s athletics and wonderful French food.  From there they started springing up all over Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain, Mediterranean and many other places. From Denver we sell a lot of Mexico. When a family is traveling, having worked hard for the vacation and they want to enjoy the sun, sand and ocean I can’t think of a better vacation. There is no stress about where are we going to eat, how do we get there, how much is it going to cost because all of this is included into the price you prepay. Some are family friendly and some adult only.  It is great for the kids to go up and get virgin tropical drinks that would otherwise cost $7 or $8 and you won’t see it on the bill at the end of your trip.  Kid friendly ones have kids programs where the little ones or teens can be entertained with their piers while you lay on your lounge chair or snorkel in the ocean.  All have age appropiate entertainment in the evening and so many activites.

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